A downloadable Squidward's Academy for Windows

PLEASE IGNORE THE HOW TO PLAY SECTION OF THE GAME, I DID NOT KNOW HOW TO CHANGE IT, If you want to know the story of the game just keep reading



It's Summer and your Mom and Dad are not happy with your califfications, so they got you an Academy for the summer, what they didn't know was that this Academy was: Underwater, Ran by an Octopus (Squidward is an Octopus according to the Spongebob wiki) and a Krab that took all the profit, and it was a Music academy, you want to leave but you're already inside, you'll have to complete day one and then explain your parents after the Academy ends

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Tagsbaldi, mod, spongebob, squidward


Squidward Tentacles Clarinete Lessons.zip 43 MB

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Nice Squidward mod

bagus banget thank you

like squidward says....


Make port 1.4.3

1.4.3 is cool

I like the port 1.4.3 version

scary but cool so in beetween i like and dislike

lol good mod

can i port this to 1.4.3? these old mods have a certant charm to them, and i would want to make it even better. (i understand if you decline)

I mean sure, but only if First Price is this image and with text to speech "Peeblo is the best", "I am Peeblo", "I am an artist online" and "Invite me back to the Five Nights at Candy's Discord Server" as voice lines. No exceptions

uhhhh... ok...


too funny


To whoever put this game up I can NEVER get respect!!!!

I played this and after I got caught, it was just stuck. We tried the escape button, that didn't work. I had to shut down my computer to the point where it was doing long updates. Anyone who sees this comment, I wonder if this happened.

dude, first of all, the game isn't really mine btw and second, you could've just waited at the death screen and it would've worked, unless you have Windows Vista, XP or others

Jeez, no one EVER seems NICE when I don't know something!!!!! Also, I'm a kid. If I could have just waited, I wouldn't have. Why? Cause I'm an impatient person! Why? Cause I'm a kid!!!!!! You didn't know I was one, but I was!!!!

Can I ever get some NICENESS in the world!?!?! Whenever I don't know something, people make me feel SO STUPID!!!!!!! >:((((((

And is it just me or does your profile pic glitch from a bear (I think) to your real profile pic?

wow man sorry if that response disappointed you, you don't need to be mad I'm also a very impatient person but yours is another level.

Also, only 80's kids know Yogi bear I see :(

aight ms boomer

Squidward tentacles is so grumpy, And he hates spongebob and patrick. SO WHY DID HE WANT TO TEACH THEM???? 



Ok now i change that up...

Wow! What a good game to play! Lol!! you will die for this JK

hahahahah a vunch of sqwidwards are spamed on the screen haaaa


man i sure do love squidwards clarinet

there is no e at the end of clarinet

I already love it even though I haven't downloaded it yet

Hey Squidward. you will die!


what are you doing

every time you get 1 wrong it will curse

spongebob live

1.3.2, Please?

When Squidwards reads out the impossible question you forgot to replace "Times"

So exited for this mod

deep voice


how do u open it


The elder brother of the octopus has been tricked, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha



NIGHT MARES NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!    <div class="video-container"><iframe style="width: 500px; height: 281px;" src="//www.youtube.com/embed/Whn0dmnTPRN" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe></div>

Now you f***** up.



Tbh, this is actually kinda good.

ayam dines




make a version for 1.3.2


Nah, I kind off like it how it is now, I wanted to make a simple mod without secret endings


clarinet is spelt wrong. just saying.

wow really, I totally didn't know. I will make sure to credit you for this information, thanks mister


i am just going to say this but I am a girl. I do apologize is this sounded rude.


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