A downloadable JEBR for Windows

Welcome to Joe's Extreme Bus Ride, help Joe get to the end of the road! This game is inspired by Mystman12's character, Joe (It is him, like, yeah)

Baldi's Basics: https://mystman12.itch.io/baldis-basics

Play it on Gamejolt! (and online): https://gamejolt.com/games/joe/391379

Arrow Keys/WASD to move

Space to throw a person out

Avoid the cars or throw people at them

Don't get off the Road

Install instructions

Download the .exe file, thats it


Joe's Extreme Bus Ride.exe 23 MB

Development log


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Android please

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you should enlarge the throwing peple hitbox, because i shoot the people and the car is still going, i keep dying everytime

im going to make pizza luigis cool bus ride

Un día hara el porte del juego para android?

what about the mac version?


that happens all the time with these things, just click in "More Info" and "Run Anyway", it's a flat out lie.


Please android port and support it with 4.4.4 please because ìam YouTuber and I will upload it on my YouTube channel 😍😔😓

what's your yt?